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Shamanism in the Age of Reason

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Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason is an analysis of the physical mechanisms of hallucination, shamanic ritual, and expanded states of consciousness. By deconstructing systems of perception and memory, Psychedelic Information Theory quantifies the limits of expanded consciousness and describes the methods by which psychedelics alter consciousness, create new information, and affect human culture. By presenting these methods in physical terms, Psychedelic Information Theory offers a rational and objective model for shamanic transformation and therapy in modern clinical practice. Written by James L. Kent.

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Version: Version 1.0, 2010

Citation: Kent, James L. "Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason". PIT Press, Seattle, 2010.

Keywords: Psychedelics, Perception, Shamanism, Hallucination, Chaos Theory