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The effect of LSD-25 on spatial and stimulus perseverative tendencies in rats

Butters, Nelson; Psychopharmacology, Volume 8, Number 6 / November, 1966

Two studies were performed to investigate the effect of LSD-25 on position and stimulus perseverative tendencies in rats. In Experiment I, rats with strong position habits learned a brightness discrimination (in which position was an irrelevant cue) after LSD-25 or placebo injections. The LSD-25 animals showed more position perseveration and slower learning than did the placebo controls. In Experiment II, rats with brightness preferences learned a position discrimination (in which brightness cues were irrelevant) under LSD-25 or control conditions. Compared to the placebo animals, the LSD-25 rats manifested less stimulus (brightness) perseveration and learned the position discrimination more quickly. The results of the two eperiments indicate that LSD-25 does not procedure a perseveration of any momentarily dominant response tendency, rather a perseveration of the animal's most natural or initial response tendency in the particular experimental situation.

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