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UDV Wins Supreme Court Decision on Preliminary Injunction Allowing the use of their ayahuasca / hoasca tea

Erowid.org; Internet Reference, 2010

On February 21, 2006 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that members of the ayahuasca-using União do Vegetal (UDV) church must be allowed to continue using their DMT-containing brew until a final decision is reached in their case against the government. Although many news reports about the ruling seem to suggest that the decision is final, the case before the Supreme Court was simply a re-re-re-hearing on a "preliminary injunction" that the UDV requested to stop the DEA from seizing their psychoactive tea and arresting church members.

The decision was a unanimous 8-0 (Justice Alito did not participate in the decision because he was not yet on the Court at the time of the hearing). The Supreme Court decided most of the points of contention in favor of the UDV, although the Supreme Court disagreed with the lower court, which said that the United Nation's International Convention on Psychotropic Substances did not control ayahuasca because it is derived from plants

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