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Information Processing in Human Body

Vadim Gerasimov; Based on final project for MIT Class MAS 862, 1998-2006.

We can think about the human body as a self-organized collective of clones of a single fertilized egg cell. Each cell of the human body is an elaborate bio-chemical computer. It has its own power management and information processing structures. It communicates with its neighbors and the environment. Each cell is an individual organism. Under certain conditions it may live outside of the collective. Most cells have a complete copy of the genetic information and theoretically are capable of recreating the whole human body.

The magnitude of information processing activity inside the human body is amazing. The cell reproduction processes require terabytes of chromosome DNA information to be copied every second within the body. Besides, the protein formation and other functions in cells can be several orders of magnitude more information-intensive.

Power consumption of a single cell corresponds to about 107 chemical reactions per second.

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Keywords: brain, perception, power, processing