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Hypnotic Entrainment and Induced Trance States

... states of spontaneous memory recall and lucid dreaming. Somewhere in the lower end of this zone is the hypnagogic grey area between waking and sleeping where body-consciousness disappears and the user feels floating sensations and may have ...

Substances that Enhance Recall and Lucidity During Dreaming

A method of enhancing lucid dreaming comprising administration to individuals the Acetylcholine Esterase inhibitor class of drugs. Use of therapeutic agents recently developed for Alzheimer"s Disease such as Donepizil (Aricept), Rivastigmin (Exelon),...

Eidetic Hallucination

... from reality, and share many of the qualities of lucid dreaming, sleepwalking, and dementia. [fig]1;1[/fig]The most commonly reported eidetic hallucinations seen on psychedelics are of people, faces, animals, plants, flowers, spirits, aliens, inse...

Psychedelic Neuroplasticity

... be similar to hypnosis mixed with an element of lucid dreaming or creative visualization. To stretch the computer metaphor further, in the absence of hypnotic suggestion or shamanic control, the psychedelic debugging matrix will naturally drop into...

What is Consciousness?

... hallucinations;15 this can also be called lucid dreaming or daydreaming. This demonstrates that when modular functions of the brain are uncoupled from top-down coherence they do not always disappear, instead they may spontaneously organize in...

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